Important Places

These posts provide info on most of the important places and hotspots in lesser noida, not that there are many in the first place. But in the interest of providing help to the poor, kindered spirits who will undergo four (or more, heaven forbid) years of torture in this wonderful, wonderful place, what follows are listings of the important establishments in lesser noida. Places you need to know to survive your stay without permanent brain damage.

Lesser Noida Map

Click on the image to see the enlarged version of the Lesser Noida map. Though not to scale, it will provide newbies to the area with a more than approxiamte idea of where to find what they are looking for and how to get there.


"City of the damned,
At the end of another lost highway;
Signs misleading to nowhere."
These lines don’t perfectly describe Lesser Noida; but they come pretty damn close (which is what this blog is all about, my take on the shitty, um, city they went and named Greater Noida, that and me and anything that comes to mind).

Don’t be put off. It’s not that bad a place. I realize that it could be worse and I count my blessings. I’m not able to count very far, though, definitely not beyond the number of fingers on one hand, but my blessings are what ultimately get me through the day. And night. The nights are important in Lesser Noida. That’s because they have the strange habit of lasting forever. I have come to strongly believe, through experience, that long, lonely and sleepless nights are the stuff that poets, philosophers and writers are made of. The ones who emerge from the darkness of their thoughts after having lain to rest their demons are the ones who sleep easier and better, the ones who move on. The rest flounder in that encompassing blackness for the rest of their time.
This is my attempt to emerge, to find solace and make peace with the city that changed me, both, for the good and for the bad.

This is my attempt to make peace with the ­­city of Lesser Noida, for it is not just a place where I live, it is a place that lives in me. It is what breaks me and, yet, what makes me. What defeats me and, in a small way, what defines me.

Lesser Noida, my blessing and my curse.
14 June, 2008